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4 Reasons why wooden shutters are still in demand?

Colonial Internal ShuttersWonder why people are still using wooden shutters? Here are 5 fantastic reasons:

  1. Great presentation
  2. Security and protection
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Proper insulation

Great presentation

Want rustic look to your home? Wood window shutters are perfect alternative for any type of traditional blind, they provide maximum elegance. Wood shutters can match any interior design and room décor making a lovely view to wow your guests.

Wooden shutters are perfect to combine with any window accessories as they will enhance them and create cosier feel in your home.

Security and protection

Leaving your house for a day or going on a long holiday? Either way you can have peace of mind knowing your house is secure and will be just as you left it when you come back. Need to sleep in the morning or during the day? Wooden shutters can give you a sound sleep, blocking the noise outside.

Low maintenance

A frequent light dusting here and there is enough to clean your wooden shutters. If you want to change the colour of your shutters then ask the manufacturer for their recommendations as it will depend on the type of wood you have.

Proper insulation

Manage indoor temperature with wooden shutters. Simply adjust the opening to allow varying amount of air or light to enter your home. Block scorching heat in summer by locking your shutters.

You no longer have to freeze every winter night, by just closing your shutters you can instantly block frosty air away.

4 Reasons why wooden shutters are still in demand?

Because they are practical, cost effective and provide great presentation.

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How to heatproof your home?

curtains-and-blindsYour home is your sanctuary many of us love to stay inside our home. You can relax, unwind from your hectic day, watch some TV, play on your phone or computer etc. However, during warmer days, if your home is like an oven you won’t be able to enjoy it. Here are some tips to heatproof your home so you can enjoy it all year round without spending a fortune on air conditioning.

Heatproofing your home is the answer to your problem

You don’t have to go outside to feel comfortable or to ease the heat you are feeling because there are ways to prevent the heat evening your home. Here are a few lists:

  • Roof and wall insulation
  • Plant trees around your home
  • Avoid using appliances that produce heat such as oven and stove eg cook outside in your entertainment area
  • Protect your windows

Here at Rian’s Window Treatments, we want you to be as comfortable as you can be inside your home which is why, we give you a valuable tip for heat proofing your home – focus on your windows.

Focusing on the windows

Your windows let in so much heat which makes it difficult for you to prevent the heat entering your home. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how you can handle the problem – use window treatments. Window treatments include blinds, curtains, roller shutters and drapes. You can use one or two or a combination of them to dress up your windows.

When installed properly window treatments can stop heat from entering your home in summer and keep the warmth in your home in winter. As an added bonus you can add a style to your room and your whole home. A well dressed window is always lovely to look at and can make your home feel homey and welcoming.

How to heatproof your home?

To effectively reduce the heat inside your home in summer and stay warm use window treatments. Here are some great ways to use window treatments

1.Curtains or Drapes

Draw your curtains or drapes before you go to work to prevent the heat getting into your home. When you get home late in the afternoon open your curtains and windows letting the breeze in.

2.Roller Shutters

Use external roller shutter and close them in the morning. If the sun and heat can’t get to your windows then it can’t enter your home. Prevention is always better than cure.


Blinds can be used by themselves or in conjunction with curtains, to make a really stunning effect while keeping you cool.

Do the reverse in winter, open your curtains, drapes, shutters in the day and close them up at night.

Where to get the Best Window Treatment?

For your window treatment needs, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have a variety of window treatments in different shape, colours and designs. Ring us today to check on our product.

How to look after your Roller Shutters properly

Roller Shutters Security and ProtectionMaintain your roller shutters all year round and keep them operating smoothly and looking new. Here are 3 tips to take care of your roller shutters.

  1. Regular dusting
  2. Use mild cleaners
  3. Spray away loose dirt

Regular dusting

Prevent the build-up of dirt on your outdoor roller shutters as this can make them look old and wear out before their time. Regularly wipe down your roller shutters using clean cloth, as feather dusters usually don’t collect all the dust leaving them a dull look.

Use mild cleaners

If you notice hard to get dirt in your roller shutters such as dried mud or gunk, use a slightly damp cloth to rub the areas. Be careful with what cleaners you use, if you apply a strong bleach cleaner it can fade the original colour of your shutters.

Use mild detergent is much better to remove stains caused by grease or smoke. If power washing fails to remove mildew stains, scrub the area with a solution on inconspicuous area first to test if you got the colour safe bleach for your shutters.

If you don’t have an idea with the right choice of cleaners, call in the professionals as we have the professional skills and knowledge in giving care treatment for your shutters.

Spray away loose dirt

After applying the cleaners, spray with water to remove any soap residue and left over grime. You could use a pressure cleaner as alternative to your hose to reduce the scrubbing you will need and make your shutters new looking.

Let your shutters dry for a few hours, and then check for any damp spots and wipe them with a dry cloth to prevent any pit marks that could cause rusting.

How to look after your roller shutters properly

Follow the 3 easy steps to enjoy good looking roller shutters all year round.

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What to consider when matching blinds to your décor

roman blindsBlinds don’t just sit in the background of a room; they play a big part in creating the whole feel of your home. Therefore you should spend at least a little time picking out the perfect blinds.

The best blinds will suit your taste, personality and create the perfect feel inside; your blinds should also match your décor.

Matching every little detail up might seem hard at first, but when you know what to consider it can be relatively simple.

Here is a list of factors to think about:

  • Choose a theme for your room and match everything to it
  • Make sure your blind selection is practical
  • Consider the conditions around the windows
  • Consider colours and patterns

Blend in with the room’s theme

Your room theme will be what determines all the element that go into your room. It is very simple – look around your room and match your blinds with your current theme. If you see lots of timber finish around, you can have timber venetian blinds to blend in and avoid making the room look busy.

Make sure your blind selection is practical

The blinds should not only match your décor but should also be a practical choice. In other words, it should be easy to use and child safe too. Think about who will use the room and why. You will choose different blinds for a kitchen than you would your living room.

Consider the condition around your windows/doors

Look in and around the window. For example, a vertical blind might seem like a good option for a sliding door but the handle on the door will create an obstruction. This is not just about the beauty of your blinds but its functionality too.

Colours and patterns

Your blinds should last for a long time, so it’s generally better to choose neutral colours and patterns. That way, if your décor does change slightly (or completely) the blinds are more likely to match and you won’t have to replace them.

Use softer colour for toddlers and brighter hues for young kids, rather than using a cartoon character that they may grow out of in 6 months time.

What to consider when matching blinds to your décor

If you are in doubt about your blind choice, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. Our in house consultants can give you free advice and a free onsite quote. Ring us today and let us make your house a home for you.