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Rian’s For Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters Available at Rian’s Window TreatmentsAustralian weather can reach the extremes very quickly and most households are looking for ways to regulate the temperature in their homes without it costing big money. A stylish solution to thermal regulation as well as being secure, affordable and available in a variety of colours, is the option of roller shutters. Not only do roller shutters look attractive and can save you money in heating and cooling costs, they can provide a host of advantages when supplied and installed by a reputable supplier such as Rian’s Window Treatments.

Not only supplying beautiful window treatments for the inside of your windows, Rian’s Window Treatments stock premium grade roller shutters to protect your windows and add value to your home. Focused on providing superior customer service and with a diverse range of roller shutter colours to choose from, Rian’s Window Treatments roller shutters are made from tough marine grade powder coated aluminium with a long lifespan, resisting wear and tear from Australian elements and conditions.

Roller shutters are mounted on the outside of a door or window and roll down to cover and protect it as needed. Manual winder, switch or remote control options are available for both window shutters and door shutters which also provide significant advantages such as:

  • Improved Thermal Regulation
  • Reduced Light and Noise
  • Security and Privacy

Improved Thermal Regulation

Roller Shutters Warm in WinterSave money on your power bill by consuming less energy! Heaters and air conditioners can be expensive to run and roller shutters cover and seal doors and windows to prevent the loss of precious heat or cool air and to restrict the elements entering. Roll the shutters up to let the warmth of the sun in and roll them down to keep the heat out, or keep the cold out from heat loss through glass windows.

Reduced Light and Noise

Are you a shift worker who sleeps during the day? Or do your children sleep lightly? Roller shutters reduce the invasion of noise and light by up to 50% and provide the perfect environment for restful sleep or just peace and quiet within your home.

Security and Privacy

Rian’s Roller Shutters are mounted flush on the outside of the window, therefore they cannot be pulled away from the window or door and lower safely to any height, to allow for privacy without loss of light. Roller shutters keep your privacy at a maximum and provide peace of mind with state –of-the-art security features.

Where Can I Find Roller Shutters In Mandurah?

The ultimate in window protection, home comfort and affordability, premium roller shutters supplied by Rian’s Window Treatments are available in a wide range of assorted colours and patterns to suit your home design,  Call the team at Rian’s Window Treatments today on 9581 5005 for a free quote and get your windows looking just as good on the outside.