Roller shutters

How often do roller shutters need servicing?

Roller Shutters Warm in WinterShould your roller shutters only be serviced when they start to show signs of malfunction and scratches? No.

How frequently should I be having my shutters checked for maintenance and repair?

Well, we all ask this same questions – the answer is that you need to do an inspection on your shutters once every 12 months or more often if suspend damage eg after a storm. Your roller shutters should be checked to ensure its parts and mechanical doors are functional.

Roller shutter maintenance

Like any other addition to your home, roller shutters need to be maintainedfor them to last for many years. We tend to forget that over time, roller shutters canbecome damaged at some point through regular usage if they are not maintained. Yes, they are built tough and durable, but shutters also require proper maintenance and inspection for damage. The key to preventing damage is to check your shutters on a regular basis. Regular checking will not only prolong your shutter’s life, but it can also prevent costly damages from occurring.

Roller shutters provide protection, not only against the harsh outdoor elements but also against theft and burglary. With the shutters installed on your windows and doors, your home becomes impenetrable from the outside – deterring any forced break-ins. This only reinforces the need to have regular maintenance and service of your roller shutters to keep the baddies out!

How often do roller shutters need servicing?

Want to have your roller shutters checked? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your shutter needs. Of course, you don’t need to wait for 12 months before you can have your shutters checked. If you want to ensure your shutters are working correctly, get them checked.

Need new roller shutters, call Rian’s Window Treatments, we offer full roller shutter installation services. Ring us today and discuss your shutter needs with us.


Rian’s For Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters Available at Rian’s Window TreatmentsAustralian weather can reach the extremes very quickly and most households are looking for ways to regulate the temperature in their homes without it costing big money. A stylish solution to thermal regulation as well as being secure, affordable and available in a variety of colours, is the option of roller shutters. Not only do roller shutters look attractive and can save you money in heating and cooling costs, they can provide a host of advantages when supplied and installed by a reputable supplier such as Rian’s Window Treatments.

Not only supplying beautiful window treatments for the inside of your windows, Rian’s Window Treatments stock premium grade roller shutters to protect your windows and add value to your home. Focused on providing superior customer service and with a diverse range of roller shutter colours to choose from, Rian’s Window Treatments roller shutters are made from tough marine grade powder coated aluminium with a long lifespan, resisting wear and tear from Australian elements and conditions.

Roller shutters are mounted on the outside of a door or window and roll down to cover and protect it as needed. Manual winder, switch or remote control options are available for both window shutters and door shutters which also provide significant advantages such as:

  • Improved Thermal Regulation
  • Reduced Light and Noise
  • Security and Privacy

Improved Thermal Regulation

Roller Shutters Warm in WinterSave money on your power bill by consuming less energy! Heaters and air conditioners can be expensive to run and roller shutters cover and seal doors and windows to prevent the loss of precious heat or cool air and to restrict the elements entering. Roll the shutters up to let the warmth of the sun in and roll them down to keep the heat out, or keep the cold out from heat loss through glass windows.

Reduced Light and Noise

Are you a shift worker who sleeps during the day? Or do your children sleep lightly? Roller shutters reduce the invasion of noise and light by up to 50% and provide the perfect environment for restful sleep or just peace and quiet within your home.

Security and Privacy

Rian’s Roller Shutters are mounted flush on the outside of the window, therefore they cannot be pulled away from the window or door and lower safely to any height, to allow for privacy without loss of light. Roller shutters keep your privacy at a maximum and provide peace of mind with state –of-the-art security features.

Where Can I Find Roller Shutters In Mandurah?

The ultimate in window protection, home comfort and affordability, premium roller shutters supplied by Rian’s Window Treatments are available in a wide range of assorted colours and patterns to suit your home design,  Call the team at Rian’s Window Treatments today on 9581 5005 for a free quote and get your windows looking just as good on the outside.

Will Roller Shutters Keep The Cold Air Out Of My Home?

Roller Shutters Security and ProtectionWant to keep cold air from blowing inside your home? Install roller shutters now and enjoy snuggly winter in a lovely warm home.

Weather resistant

Roller shutters as mounted on the outside of your door or window and will block out any weather conditions.  Just lower down your shutters and you can enjoy a warm home this winter. Plus the roller shutter will prevent all your warm air escaping through your windows and doors so you won’t have to spend as much on heating costs.

In summer you can enjoy cool air by rolling down your shutters preventing heat from entering your house. Then roll them up to let cool afternoon sea breeze to blow into your home. Roll your shutters down or up; getting comfy it is that easy.

Other benefits of Roller Shutters

  1. Noise prevention
  2. Privacy
  3. Security

Noise prevention

Roller shutters can hush the noises from outside your house keeping a lovely quiet place for sleeping. Just roll down your shutters then you can have sound sleep all night. Or if you’re a shift worker and need to sleep in the morning, enjoy your noise proof house with roller shutters.


Roller Shutters Available at Rian’s Window TreatmentsNeed privacy? Having privacy is easy with roller shutters. Leave the world outside in your private home covered with shutters. If you don’t want visitors disturbing you then just lower your shutters and enjoy privacy you ever dreamed of.


Want to leave your house for extended periods of time? Let your roller shutters secure your house for long time and you can enjoy your long holiday or time away at work knowing your home will be safe and sound.Secure your house with roller shutters preventing thieves from getting inside your house.

Will roller shutters keep the cold air out of my home?

Yes, roller shutters can keep your home warm and keep the cold air out but there is so much more to roller shutters. Install roller shutters now and be carefree anytime you want.

Need help installing roller shutters?

Call Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 to discuss your needs. We offer roller shutters, blinds, curtains and internal shutter

Do you offer a warranty on your roller shutters?

Roller Shutters Elegant and PrivateWhen buying a product, the first thing that comes to your mind is the durability. How long will it last? What if it gets damaged? This usually leads to one thing – the warranty. The same thing goes with roller shutters too. When you purchase a roller shutter, you want to know if the manufacturer offers a warranty.

How long should a warranty be?

In most products, manufacturers offer a warranty – especially those reputable companies because they want to assure their customer that they are trustworthy and their products are durable. However, you as a customer wanted to know how long a warranty should be for a roller shutter. Is a 1 year warranty enough? The period of warranty depends on the company’s standard and the quality of the roller shutters.

We at Rian’s Window Treatments are so confident with our products that we offer a 5 year warranty for our roller shutters. This includes the frames, the slats and any electronics. If by chance, during the 5 year warranty – a component of your shutter fails, contact us and we will advise you on how to isolate and remove the faulty component. Alternatively, we can bring the component replacement to you.

Roller Shutters Security and ProtectionWhat happens if there is something wrong with my roller shutter after purchasing?

All our shutters go through our stringent quality control before they are dispatched and installed in your home. However, if your shutter happens to be damaged upon arrival, we will be held responsible for any charges you may suffer as a result of returning the item to us. Or, you can relax at home and wait for a shutter replacement, where our Sales Officer will deliver it right to your door.

Who should I contact for advice?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. You can call us on 9581 5005. We are always happy to help you out. Need roller shutters? For any window treatments like curtains, blinds, roller shutters and even wallpaper, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have a wide range of supply that you can check out at our showroom. Why not visit us today?

How can I protect my home?

Roller Shutters Warm in WinterWe all know the crime rate is going through the roof!  What can we do to protect our ourselves, loved ones and our homes?  Have you considered roller shutters for your windows?  There are many advantages of installing window shutters ~ here are just a few:

Protection from break-ins

Give yourself peace of mind while away enjoying your holidays and keep those unwanted guests out of your property.  Install window shutters for that added security and protection.  Sleep soundly at night, not worrying if you, your family and your possessions are safe from intruders.  Whether you are at work, overseas – day or night – you can rest assured – they will do the job.

Darken your bedroom

Is your bedroom too bright or too light? If you’re a shift worker – you’ll know what we’re talking about it.  You work long hours and you need your well-earned sleep.  Have that deep sleep that you’ve only dreamed about.  You’ll be recharged in no time – all ready for that next shift!  It’s almost as bad as daylight saving.  Babies or children not wanting to sleep due to the brightness of their bedroom. Give yourself a rest as well as the kids.

Roller Shutters Elegant and PrivateNoise block out

Once again, this relates to the shift worker.  But who wants to listen to cars hooning by or the young ones listening to their “doof doof” music?  Sometimes it can just be the sound of children playing or dogs barking that disrupts that much-needed sleep.

Blocking out the heat

Keep your home cool this summer.  Did you know that you can reduce your heat by up to 90%?  Imagine how much you’ll save on your power bill by not using your air conditioner as much.  Now that’s worth considering…

Keep the cold out

OMG ~ How cold has this winter been?  Keep snuggly warm and keep that chill outside where it belongs.  Too young to be a grey nomad and head north?  Be toasty this winter and install your roller shutter now!

Roller Shutters Security and ProtectionHow do Roller Shutters work?

Firstly, we have two different types of roller shutters.  They could be manual or they may be electric.  It all depends on your needs as to the choice you make.  Here at Rian’s Window Treatments – we can advise you accordingly.

The manual roller obviously is controlled by using a winder.  You open or close the shutters as you wish.  During winter you would close them at dusk to keep the warmth in and reopen again in the morning to allow the sunshine to stream in.

Protect your home

Protecting your home has never been easier.  Give yourself peace of mind.  At Rian’s Window Treatments ~ we will advise and suggest a variety of roller shutters that will suit your home and your needs.  Not only are we experts when it comes to roller shutters, but we do blinds, curtains and wallpaper too.

3 myths about roller shutters you should know

Roller Shutters Warm in WinterRoller shutters are a great addition to any home. They are attractive and useful in any weather and can easily block out light and noise, which is especially useful for a nightshift worker. They also improve the security of a home substantially, letting you enjoy your holiday or trip knowing your home is protected. There are, however, several myths about roller shutters that may make people uncertain about installing them.

Roller shutters are expensive

Roller shutters are a great investment that provides security and protection as well as a classy look.The quality of your shutter is more important than the price.Roller shutters will stand the test of time, be stylish and make your home safe and secure.

Roller shutters require a lot of maintenance

When buying roller shutters, make sure you choose a durable material. Roller shutters are designed to withstand forced entry and harsh weather, but check what material it is made from to be certain that it is hard wearing and will last a long time. Yes, shutters require maintenance but choosing a sturdy shutter to begin with can spare you a lot of repair and maintenance in the future. The key here is finding a good quality shutter to start with and asking questions about what it’s made out of.

Roller shutters are boring

A roller shutter doesn’t have to be just a plain sheet of metal covering your windows and doors. If you feel that something simple would suit your home, go for it. However, be aware that roller shutters do come in many different styles, designs, colours and there are even extra features to choose from. You can easily choose a shutter that both takes your liking and suits your home.

3 myths about roller shutters you should know

For your shutter needs, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have different window treatments including shutter, curtains and blinds. Ring us today for a free quote.

How to choose the best roller shutters

Roller Shutters Available at Rian’s Window TreatmentsOne of the most important additions you can have for your home are roller shutters. They offer a lot of benefits that makes them indispensable. They:

  • Insulate your home
  • Add security
  • Keep out noise and UV rays
  • Ensure privacy

All this and a lot more. Roller shutters have a sleek and stylish design that makes your home look better. If you want to enhance your home, roller shutters might be what you need.

Are roller shutters worth it?

Roller shutters offer you various improvements, if you find yourself still confused whether you should have one or not, how about this – a roller shutter can help you reduce your energy bills! Wow great isn’t it?

With roller insulating properties, it can help you decrease your energy consumption especially this summer and even keep you warm in winter.

If you install roller shutters, you don’t need to turn on your air conditioner just to keep you cool as roller shutters can help trap the cold air and block the warm air from entering.

How to choose the best roller shutters

Want the best for your money? Here are 3 easy steps to choosing the best roller shutter installation for your home:

  • Shutter operation
  • Colour and design
  • Budget

Shutter operation

Roller shutters comes in different designs and they differ in operation. Roller shutters can be operated manually or electrically. Decide how you want your roller shutter to operate.

Colour and design

They come in a variety of materials, colours and styles to suit just about any home. Just remember to choose something that will match your style and suit your taste too.


You will have to decide how much you want to spend on your roller shutter and remember to stay within your budget.

Need roller shutters? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for your roller shutter options. We offer different roller shutters, blinds and curtains around Mandurah and surrounding area. Ring us now to discuss your needs or visit our showroom for a product inspection.




Where to get your roller shutter repaired in Mandurah?

Roller Shutters Available at Rian’s Window TreatmentsRoller shutters are durable but over time they can get damaged. When your roller shutter is damaged, it can give you several problems. Instead of giving your home or business protection, it can jeopardize your safety, the complete opposite of its function. To ensure you continue to get the best of what your shutter has to offer, get it repaired. A damage roller shutter is the same as having no shutter at all.

Roller shutter repair

Roller shutters have a complex design and to be able to fix it, you should consult with an expert technician. Get your roller shutter repaired professionally. We recommend that you do not do the repair yourself unless you are a technician. You might just make the damage worse or beyond repair. So, spare yourself the trouble.

When in Mandurah, go to Rian’s Window Treatments we are fully experienced in roller shutters repairs and maintenance, have the right knowledge and spare parts for roller shutters. We can guarantee you a smooth and functional roller shutter. We are also your one stop shop for all your window treatment needs with a wide range of window treatments available including new roller shutters.

Where to get your roller shutter repaired in Mandurah?

Where else but Rian’s Window Treatments! We can help you get your roller shutters repaired and working again in no time. At Rian’s Window Treatments, we understand the importance of keeping your shutters in good working condition; that is why we always give our best.

Call Rian’s Window Treatments today to find more about our repair services or to get a free quote.


How to look after your Roller Shutters properly

Roller Shutters Security and ProtectionMaintain your roller shutters all year round and keep them operating smoothly and looking new. Here are 3 tips to take care of your roller shutters.

  1. Regular dusting
  2. Use mild cleaners
  3. Spray away loose dirt

Regular dusting

Prevent the build-up of dirt on your outdoor roller shutters as this can make them look old and wear out before their time. Regularly wipe down your roller shutters using clean cloth, as feather dusters usually don’t collect all the dust leaving them a dull look.

Use mild cleaners

If you notice hard to get dirt in your roller shutters such as dried mud or gunk, use a slightly damp cloth to rub the areas. Be careful with what cleaners you use, if you apply a strong bleach cleaner it can fade the original colour of your shutters.

Use mild detergent is much better to remove stains caused by grease or smoke. If power washing fails to remove mildew stains, scrub the area with a solution on inconspicuous area first to test if you got the colour safe bleach for your shutters.

If you don’t have an idea with the right choice of cleaners, call in the professionals as we have the professional skills and knowledge in giving care treatment for your shutters.

Spray away loose dirt

After applying the cleaners, spray with water to remove any soap residue and left over grime. You could use a pressure cleaner as alternative to your hose to reduce the scrubbing you will need and make your shutters new looking.

Let your shutters dry for a few hours, and then check for any damp spots and wipe them with a dry cloth to prevent any pit marks that could cause rusting.

How to look after your roller shutters properly

Follow the 3 easy steps to enjoy good looking roller shutters all year round.

Rian’s Window Treatments offer high quality roller shutters plus other window products and professional installation services. Call Rian’s Window Treatments today for a free quote or free in house consultation on 9581 5005.