Choosing Curtains
– we make it easy for you!

Our curtain specialists can lead you through the process of choosing your new curtains and make sure that they will meet your exact requirements. Or you can do it yourself, let us know what you are looking for and drop in
or email your house plans through for a quote.

At Rian’s Window Treatments we are flexible and will work with you to get your dream home curtains.

Things to consider when choosing a curtain for your home are:

  • Use of the room, what will the room be used for
    • Do you need privacy?
    • Be able to still see your view
  • Sun protection / block out
  • Who will use the room?
    • children, your curtains need to be safe and easy to clean
    • the elderly, your curtains need to be secured and non-trip
  • Do you need to soften sounds or warm your room?
  • Match existing furnishing and décor

These are only some of the question you might need answers to, so call Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 to have a chat and arrange a free in-house consultation or appointment at our showroom.

Types of Curtains

We have a wide selection of high quality fabrics for your curtains. These come in all the latest colours from traditional to modern to contemporary, your new curtains will complement any interior style. Budget styles right through to exclusive designer ranges are available, we have something to suit your needs and taste.

When choosing curtains there are many different types:

  • Sheer Curtains – For daytime privacy.
    Perfect for the romantic, flowing feel and daytime privacy, while allowing you to maintain your view. Sheer curtains can be used with blinds for night time privacy and warmth in winter.
  • Unlined curtains  – For all day privacy
    Privacy while still allowing some light to come through when they are closed. We have a wide range of fabrics that can be used with blinds or lining for additional sun block out.
  • Lined Curtains – For privacy and warmth.
    Lined curtains are made with 2 layers – decorative fabric that faces into the room to be seen from the inside and a lining that can be seen from outside the window.
  • Sun Blockout Curtains or Thermal Lined Curtains – For ultimate privacy and sun protection.
    Sun Blockout or Thermal Lined Curtains have a decorative face fabric and a thermal lining bonded together to form one curtain. They are great for bedrooms where full darkness is required like children’s room, for shift workers, hot rooms and your theatre room.

Along with the many types of curtains, there are different hanging styles too.
See our Hanging Styles page for more details.

Don’t settle for “mediocre” when it comes to your curtains!

At  Rian’s Window Treatments we have a full range of window treatments that will suit your style, needs and budget perfectly.

We come to you so call us on 9581 5005 for a free consultation and buy curtains that you will really love for many years to come.

Making your house a home with beautiful curtains at affordable prices.

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