Curtain Hanging Styles – make your curtains stand out!

Curtains come in a range of hanging styles, which you choose will depend on your budget, personal taste and the use of the room where the curtains are going to be hung.

Rian’s Window Treatments have been making hanging curtains for years and will guide you through the maze to get the perfect window treatment for your home.

Styles of Curtains

Pinch Pleats – pleated fabric curtains are practical, stylish and versatile, the pleats are formed at the top of the curtain which are hung by either a curtain hole with rings or into tracks by small hooks.

Pinch pleats are a very full traditional style of curtain that hang beautifully and are elegant coming in a variety of pleat styles.

Pinch Pleat styles are:

  • Double Pleat
  • Triple Pleat
  • Pencil Pleat
  • Inverted Pleat

Pleated curtains can be made for a rod or rail as well as tracks. Which pleated curtains will suit your need best? Ask Rian’s Window Treatments and we will go through your options.

Ripple Fold – as the name suggests have gentle, ripple-like folds which flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other to give a crisp clean but soft look, perfect for dining rooms and lounge rooms.

Eyelet Curtains – eyelet curtains are made to go on a rod and provide the perfect, modern minimalist look, allowing them to hang perfectly in front of your window. The rods come in a range of colours and can be dressed up by adding ball finials which are seen at either side of your curtains to add the finishing touch.

Swags and Tails – the ultimate way to finish a window. The elegant drape and gather of swags and tails produces the supreme luxurious look and adds a touch of class to your whole room and giving your home a feel of distinction. Swag and Tails are the great way to dress up a window, creating the ultimate statement which is perfect for formal rooms. They look particularly elegant when made in luxurious fabrics and finished with a fringe.

Need a touch of glamour in your home? Swags and tails are the perfect way to get a bit of sophistication that will provide a timeless look which will never date. Ask to see the options available.

At Rian’s Window Treatments we are your curtain specialists, we have had many years of experience and would love to help you create your dream curtains that fit to your budget.

Beautiful curtains at affordable prices custom made to suit your home.

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