How often do roller shutters need servicing?

Roller Shutters Warm in WinterShould your roller shutters only be serviced when they start to show signs of malfunction and scratches? No.

How frequently should I be having my shutters checked for maintenance and repair?

Well, we all ask this same questions – the answer is that you need to do an inspection on your shutters once every 12 months or more often if suspend damage eg after a storm. Your roller shutters should be checked to ensure its parts and mechanical doors are functional.

Roller shutter maintenance

Like any other addition to your home, roller shutters need to be maintainedfor them to last for many years. We tend to forget that over time, roller shutters canbecome damaged at some point through regular usage if they are not maintained. Yes, they are built tough and durable, but shutters also require proper maintenance and inspection for damage. The key to preventing damage is to check your shutters on a regular basis. Regular checking will not only prolong your shutter’s life, but it can also prevent costly damages from occurring.

Roller shutters provide protection, not only against the harsh outdoor elements but also against theft and burglary. With the shutters installed on your windows and doors, your home becomes impenetrable from the outside – deterring any forced break-ins. This only reinforces the need to have regular maintenance and service of your roller shutters to keep the baddies out!

How often do roller shutters need servicing?

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